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Marital & Family Therapy


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Marital therapy can be used to resolve

a variety of marital problems, such as:

  • communication (decreasing fighting)
  • decision-making
  • improving attachment or "connection"
  • resolving issues of mis-trust
  • resolving problems with intimacy (any level)
  • disagreements regaridng parenting
  • disagreements regarding roles and responsibilities
  • resolving differences in conflict styles (avoidant v. volatile)
  • improving emapthy for each other
  • managing the family, home and romantic life



Family therapy is beneficial for the following types of child behavior problems:

  • Oppositional defiant disorder (defiance, argumentativeness)
  • Conduct disorder (aggression or delinquency)

Or when someone in the family is has one of the following problems:

  • Chemical/Behavioral Addictions (alcohol, drugs, gambling, shopping, sex, video games)
  • Depression or Anxiety
  • Perfectionism
  • Hoarding
  • Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Anger management problems
  • Differences in temperaments (introverted or avoidant v. extroverted or expressive)
  • Arguing and fighting
  • Sibling Rivalries
  • Extended family conflicts
  • Blended-family (step family) conflicts




Infideilty is all too common in our society. Common sense says that people should divorce if their spouse cheated. The fact is that peole can work through infidelity if they work with an effective therapist.

    Working through infidelity is difficult. Sometimes couples decide to stay together without getting help. This is often a big mistake. The unfaithful spouse usually wants to "move-on" too quickly and worries that the issue will be "held over them" forever. The faithful spouse will often try to "move-on" but usually remains angry and unable to "fully trust" their spouse. You can't bond with someone you don't trust. Also, the damage of self-esteem can be significant. So, there's a lot to resolve. Usually the first step is helping couples to effectively communicate about infidelity.

    There's almost always "other" marital problems that were present before the affair. Although there is no justification for infidelity, but an explanation for the affair is necessary. Working through infidelity requires patience, tolerance, and courage.



     Child behavior problems like ADHD (yes, it's a behavioral diagnosis), can be alleviated by Child Behavior Management Training for parents. In a review of most studies, 15% of children who have been diagnosed with ADHD will not respond to medications. Of the 85% that do "respond" almost none are "cured" of their ADHD. Also, medications have side effects such as weight loss, irritability, insomnia, and sometimes serious or potentially fatal cardiovascular problems. There is no convincing scientific evidence that ADD is genetic or caused by a chemical imbalance. ADD drugs have been shown to improve classroom behavior, but not grades.

     Since about half the children with ADHD are also diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), ADHD is probably very often misdiagnosed. Not enough parents are told that there are alternatives to medications which should probably be tried first. Changing parenting styles and parenting techniques can greatly impact your child's behavior.

     Child Behavior Management Training requires parents to be open-minded and challenge their ideas about what makes a good parent, to challenge their expectations about what is "normal" for a child, to face their fears and insecurities, and to make sacrifice some time.





      Other relationship problems, such as siblings, employees, and friends can also benefit from therapy. Employees can usually get free, confidential assistance from their employer not only for work-related problems, but for any other issue as well.

Sibling rivalries can be a problem for parents and for other's involved. Sibling relationship problems can be related to depression in adulthood, so, don't write them off too quickly.

     Good friendships are hard to come by. There's nothing wrong with getting someone to mediate your conflicts with friends so you can maintain an important friendship and move on with your life, satisfied. Sometimes losing a good friend can be just as sad as losing a sibling or a parent.