Second Opinion Diagnosis

Why get a second opinion?

 Misdiagnosis is very common in the field of mental health. Also, the diagnosis may be correct, but the treatment may be incorrect.

The benefits of a second opinion are that you will have an additional perspective which either confirms your current diagnosis, adds to your understanding of your current diagnosis, changes or adds to your current diagnosis and/or helps you understand the nature of any diagnosis.

Second opinions may require several hours of time to complete and will usually include a thorough review of your history, medical records (if available), as well as any other information deemed needed.

The cost of a second opinion may range from $150 to $500 depending upon the number of hours involved. Your insurance company may cover some or all of the cost. So please contact them for verification.

Second opinions may be provided via phone, video-conference, and even email. However, the best results are obtained through a face to face meeting.

Second opinions may be provided regarding: Diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder, ADD/ADHD, Impulse Control Disorders, and behavior disorder, Anxiety and Mood Disorders, Childhood Disorders and may be provided regarding treatment issues.

About Consultations:

If you are concerned that you are not receiving the right treatment for your problem or diagnosis, or if you want to know what treatments might be most effective, or if you are concerned about ethical issues, then a consultation may be appropriate for you. Also, if you have questions about psychotherapy, mental illness, or the treatment of mental illness in general, then a consultation may be a good place to start.

Areas of Concentration:

Differential Diagnosis of Mental Illness

Treatment planning for Mental Illness

Ethical issues in Mental Health treatment

Anxiety Disorders (OCD, GAD, SAD, Social Phobia, Panic Disorder)

Mood Disorders (Depression, Mania, Bipolar disorder)

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Childhood Disorders (ADHD, ADD, Separation Anxiety, ODD, CD)

Adjustment Disorders

Substance Abuse Disorders


Elder care (nursing homes)


Marital Therapy

Getting Started:

If you are interested in a Second Opinion or Consultation, please call the office at 815-806-9300.

You must read and agree to the Terms and Conditions below prior to engaging in a Consultation or a Second Opinion via phone or email. Persons interested in a second opinion in person may visit the Appointment page and proceed from there.


I understand that consultations are the offering of information and opinions about mental health issues which are provided to me by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who is experienced and trained in the diagnosis and treatment of Mental Illness and relationship problems. I understand that consultations are not treatment, not psychotherapy, and not a diagnosis that will be placed into a medical chart or sent to an insurance company. I understand that consultations are offered in order to provide a better understanding and additional information so that I may make informed choices about my healthcare.

I understand that consultations may help me evaluate my situation, make me aware of additional options or alternatives, or provide information that may help me solve personal problems; however, my consultant will not make decisions for me or provide advice about what action I should or should not take.

I understand that there are no refunds for consultations and that PSC makes no guarantee to your satisfaction with the consultation.

PSC will respond to requests for consultations within the next business day. Please make us aware if you are requesting an urgent consultation and we will respond as soon as possible to your inquiry. Occasionally, clients may ask questions that need to be refined; so, our initial response may be in the form of questions; we will notify you if there are additional costs for the added time.

Certain issues cannot be addressed in consultations, such as, those issues which require emergency services where someone is in imminent danger of harm to themselves or others and 911 should be called. Most urgent issues should not be addressed in a consultation either. An urgent consultation is not meant to address or treat issues that need to be treated or addressed urgently. An urgent consultation is when a consultation is needed quickly for the sake of time.

Consultations are not meant to be taken as psychotherapy, treatment, or an intervention to address a mental illness or symptom of mental illness or to resolve a relationship problem.

Consultations are meant to provide you with information that you can use to make decisions about your situation.

Consultations are confidential and private. The record of your consultation will be maintained for 2 years and then destroyed. Records may include a typed summary of the consultation, email records, or other media. These records are the property of PSC. These records are not medical records and we maintain them as a courtesy if you need them in the future or to reference if you have subsequent consultations. We will not release the consultation records to a third party and by entering into a consultation with PSC, you agree to not subpoena or have subpoenaed the consultation record for any legal proceeding and you are fully responsible for any and all legal fees PSC incurs in the effort to quash a subpoena of the consultation records.

Consultations are not anonymous. We will need your name, address, phone number, an email address if consulting by email, your date of birth to verify that you are 18 years of age or older. You may only enter into a consultation agreement if you are 18 years of age or older.

If you reside in a state other than Illinois, then you will be consulting with a mental health professional who is not licensed in your State to diagnose or treat mental illness. Consultants are only licensed to practice mental health in the state of Illinois. Therefore, consultations for persons outside the State of Illinois are limited to discussions and sharing ideas about a problem and will not include diagnosis.