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Continuing Education Program

We are Licensed by the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation

as a provider of Continuing Education for Social Workers (CEU), License #159-000909.


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Best Practice

the most current information about theory, assessment, and treatment of mental health issues based on multi-disciplinary research.

Best Price
Price may vary based on requests, complexity of topics, and location of seminars. If you are interested in holding a C.E. seminar at your place of employment, please call us at 800-620-9511 x3, or email us at psc9300s@gmail.com.

Best Location
Seminars at your place of employment, in your home, or at your convenience.

Courses provided in 2015

1. Understanding and Treating OCD

2. Success with Couples

3. Understanding and Treating Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome

4. Avoiding Liability: A Case Study in Misdiagnosis

Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome, 2015

Avoiding Liability: A Case Study in Misdiagnosis, 2015

A New Way of Understanding & Treating OCD, 2015

Success with Couples, 2015